The best hairstyle for curly hair changes every year. This year it’s all about the layers. Be it from messy to uneven, it’s the layers season. This will in turn make your curls more manageable. Flaunt your curls and allow it to bounce in their full glory. Here are some of the hairstyles for curly hair,   

Long bob

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It is not easy to maintain super long hair especially with those kinky curls. You need to maintain and pamper your hair. Get a hair spa every month and eat healthy food. If you have thick long hair, then it is more prone to get tangled. In order to reduce the weight on your head just stick to long bob and give your bouncy curls a chance to show off. Ask your hairstylist for a good long bob cut. Another bonus is that it will be super easy to style. This is considered as one of the  best hairstyle for curly hair.     

Drastic layers

For people with long and wavy hair it is never easy. Their hair is neither straight nor curly. Adding some drastic layers will give extra definition to your waves and that’s not it you will see an extra bounce as well. This hairstyle was nailed by Joan Smalls when she walked the ramp in a show. You need to take care of your hair and trim it regularly if you wish to stick to this hairstyle for a long time. 

Uneven layers

Everybody prefers layers. Why? There are so many ways to experiment with layers. For example, we all know Zendaya who got uneven layers done for her coiled curls and left her length long to create a carefree hair look. It is difficult to maintain this look since it will require a lot of time to set and maintain it.     

Messy layers with bangs

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This hairstyle barely needs time to maintain. If you want your long curly hair to look wow then recreate your curls into long messy layers. You can also add bangs that would end right at your eyebrows. 

If you’re conscious about losing your volume, then you don’t have to because a good layered cut will solve all your problems. Get your hair cut in subtle layers that would barely look as if they are there, then part your hair on one side to create a gorgeous natural look. You could also look for some best hairstyle for curly hair from various blogs.